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My name is not Magnum PI, but John.  I'm a 51 year old gay      male (not afraid to admit it), who was born and raised in NE Pennsylvania. I practice the Wicca religion, and have very strong beliefs in the spiritual world.  I love the gay chat sites and in general working on the computer.  I love people in general and get along with just about everyone. I wanted to show everyone that gay people are normal and we do have the same likes and dislikes as other people do.  So with all that said and done let's get on with it.


My interest lies in a lot of diverse things.  I'm interested in my friends,
both gay and straight, in my area where I live, in my Wicca religion,
and a lot of spirituality and healing.  I think the world needs a lot of
healing.  I'll lead you to a couple of web sites that reflect some of
my interests.

Next I would like you to meet some of my friends.

These are their web sites.

Oscette's Oscar Page - My Web Designer

Bigc's Harley/POW/MIA Page - Our Web Designer's Hubby

UNC & Penny's Homepage - Friends


I have a few Wicca sites that might interest some of you.





I am currently looking for employment as a male's companion or house keeper.  Any male that is interested in employing me, contact me through my email address below.


Here is my current Hometown weather.



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